Create scraper for advertising automation of online store

Development parsers

The main task of the project was to create a script for automatically checking the availability of goods in the online store. If the product is out of stock, you need to send an API request to Yandex Direct to stop ads for this product, if the product is in stock, check whether the advertising company has stopped for this product (launch if stopped)

Link to the code


Parsers development

List of completed tasks:

  • Was created a library for interaction with API
  • Was created a library for getting data from online store
  • Database integration


  • Automatic sorting and filling of products for the database
  • Checking the availability of goods on the online store
  • Automatic updating of advertising by API
  • Storing current information about advertisements in a database


  • Programming Language Python 3.10
  • Library SQLAlchemy
  • Regular Expressions


  • Automatic checking of more than 1800 ads