Development and promotion web-site of electric company

Development web-applications

The main task was to create the website of an electrical company. Free maintenance of advertising companies according to the CPA model (payment only for attracted customers). The site has to be made scalable.

Lint to the website
Link to the code


Development web-applications and sites

List of completed tasks:

  • Website design and development
  • Was started a contextual advertising campaign
  • Website and advertising company support
  • Integration with search engine's services, SEO optimization


  • Responsive web design
  • Using threads. Each direction is represented, as it were, by a separate sub-site
  • Customizable spam filter
  • Database integration
  • Convenient mechanism for adding, changing, temporarily hiding content
Web-application scheme
Web-application scheme


  • Programming Language Python 3.10
  • A Web-framework Flask
  • A Templating engine Jinja2

  • A framework Bootstrap 5
  • Library ORM SQLAlchemy