Development chat-bot for advertisements

Development Telegram-bots

The main task of the project was to create a telegram chat-bot to management of the advertisements (manual and automatic launch, checking available), send reports and record changes to the database

Link to the chat-bot
Code of the project


Web-application development
Chat-bot development

List of completed tasks:

  • Was Implemented the access control to the bot
  • Using database
  • Integration with the Advertising's API and external scripts
  • Sending reports, tracking the date of the last checking
  • Added a start timer
  • Launching on the server


  • Inline-keyboard with information from the database
  • Asynchronous algorithms
  • Easy scalability of the project
Chat bot's scheme


  • Programming Language Python 3.10
  • Asynchronous library "python-telegram-bot v20.x"
  • ORM SQLAlchemy
  • Library "requests"


  • Automation of routine operations
  • Time savings on checking advertising companies