Free bot for Auto-check the reachability and ping IP addresses or hostnames

Development Telegram-bots

Bot "@pingcadabra_bot". The main task of the project was to create Telegram chatbot for manual and automatic response check of servers, hosts or sites. The bot sends a request and waits for a response from the server to make sure that the server, host or website is working.

Chat-bot link
Link to the code


Telegram-bots development

List of completed tasks:

  • Saving settings when the bot is restarting or stopping
  • Use database
  • Manual and automatic ping check, saving favorites
  • Hosting on the server in Docker


  • Inline-keyboard with information from the database
  • Asynchronous algorithms
  • Easy scalability of the project
  • Storing user settings


  • Programming Language Python 3.10
  • Asynchronous library "python-telegram-bot v20.x"
  • ORM SQLAlchemy
  • Library "pythonping"
  • Docker


  • Public placement of the bot, for free use
  • Automation of routine tasks